If you can find a friend that challenges you. Stick with them. I'm not talking about petty challenges, like footraces or eating contests. If you have someone in your life that will question you, and make you constantly evaluate what you believe and why. Then you have one of the greatest treasures in this world. Here's what to look for in life-long friends.

"The stomp of sturdy boots and the muffled squeak of leather beat out a steady cadence as the party of wanderers cut their way through the woodland terrain. They've been on their quest for quite some time. They are tired. They are weary. They are getting low on supplies, and are down to hard biscuits, which are more akin to a fire-hardened brick than something you'd want for breakfast.

You may not realize it, but every day you constantly lie without even meaning to. You lie on first contact with another human being. Whether it's meeting someone for the first time, or a boisterous meeting of two old friends. New or old, we all give them the same opening lie to the same innocent question. I ask "How are you?" You say with misguided deception:

"I'm doing good."

Uncomfortable feelings come in all shapes and sizes. Some things make you feel mildly uncomfortable, while others make you feel supremely uncomfortable. Sometimes to the point of fear. Whatever it is that makes you feel uncomfortable usually falls into one of two categories. Something you don't want to do,
and something you shouldn't do.

Below is a review I wrote for my friend's single on iTunes. Which you should Check Out

I think I may have gone a bit too far...

The Beard.
In the world I live in, the beard is the thing that says "Hey, listen to what I have to say. I'm old enough to grow one of these bad boys, so obviously I know things." I'm unable to grow one yet on my oh-so-baby face, which I see as a blessing, and a curse.

It all starts with a phone call. A simple phone call letting me know I have an audition, and I'm already nervous. What will the project be about? What will be asked of me? Am I able to live up to others expectations of my talent? Will I be able to live up to my own?

We've all been there, the dead space between times of frenzied activity. The down time where that little voice lets you know constantly that you're time in the sun is done, or won't ever start. You may not know it, but this time is equally important to take advantage of ,maybe even more so, than the times when you're so busy you can't think.  Here's a list of things that have helped me.

That young Lady in the middle is my Aunt Deb. She came out to visit last week from Plainville ,C.T. for her birthday. She has the well-meaning spirit of a Labrador Retriever, but the chaotic nature of a hurricane.

The short answer is Life. I want to try and portray to you in flimsy words, and inadequate pictures, not just my life, but Life in general. This blog isn't going to be about anything specific, and it's specifically not going to be about anything. Well no, one thing I specifically want to have in this blog is encouragement. We'll see what else develops down the line. Maybe I'll post a recipe I cooked while backpacking that was an instant classic among the crew. Maybe I'll write an article about the decline of politeness in this modern age. Maybe I'll post pictures of a recent adventure. Maybe I'll write about my internships. Maybe I'll write about auditioning, or life on set. Maybe I'll just ramble.

The point is I'm figuring out the whole Life deal just like you, so lets compare notes and talk it out. Long-form Twitter. Leave me a comment and we can discuss it in more than 120 characters. If you have anything you'd like to see me talk about, just let me know in the comments or go to the "About" tab.